Thursday, June 2, 2011

Epilogue from "Words that Heal"

" The journey takes time". Change does not occur overnight, but rather in small, incremental, almost unnoticeable steps.
"The journey involves letting go of fear ", learning to trust yourself and others. Along with the process comes an opening of the heart to love and acceptance.
"The journey of transformation involves pain ". We grow because of our pain, not in spite of it.
"While you don't always get what you want ", you invariably get what you need for your maximum soul growth.
"Never give up ". Just when all seems hopeless, life can unexpectedly turn around. Never are you nearer the Light, than when the darkness is deepest.
"Help is available when you need it ". Ask with all your heart; your prayers will be answered.
"Everything that happens in your life occurs for your highest good ". There are no bad experiences, only opportunities to use each experience as a means to get closer to God. (by D. Bloch)

photo taken on Sanibel Island, sculpture from unknown artist.

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