Saturday, October 29, 2011

More revelations

Today I visited R at the work camp that he has recently been transferred to. He looked good and healthy....I must say that it is nice to look into his eyes and see him, his skin glowing and some weight has returned as well.
His appetite is doing very well LOL, he sure was able to put away a lot of food from that little canteen while we were there. He really enjoys those taste...things that he doesn't get to eat or 'choose' for that matter. Some of the things that I take for granted....for example....having the liberty to go to the store and choosing what I will eat at any given meal.

We had great conversations and he has revealed some more of his thoughts, such he now sees the errors of his ways and how it all fell apart after he became lax and stopped attending meetings, stopped going to church and just plain did nothing....and soon after he started using which brought him back behind bars. He's had time to think about this and I guess this is just another one of these experiences that he needed to go through in order to realize where things starts to break down. He also mentions how important it is for him not to feel too comfortable within this prison environment and the fact that if he starts getting used to it and gets into this frame of mind's not so bad.....that this view could lead him back there again and again and he doesn't want that for himself. Also, he shared how a younger fellow had just arrived following a transfer from a juvenile facility....R has stepped up and has been 'helping' this guy as much as he can....he likes to reach out and help others.

There's so much more in store for R and yet it is unknown. I continue to hold him close to my heart and pray for his continued safety.