Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do and Don't

-- Focus on your own reactions and attitudes.
-- Allow other people to accept their own responsibilities.
-- Manage your anxieties ONE DAY AT A TIME.
-- Invest time reading helpful literature.
-- Learn to be open and honest.
-- Involve yourself in Families Anonymous.
-- Encourage all attempts to seek help
-- Seek the good in others AND in yourself.

-- Accept guilt for another person's acts.
-- Nag, argue, lecture, or recall past mistakes.
-- Overprotect, cover up, or rescue from consequences.
-- Neglect yourself or be a doormat.
-- Yearn for perfection.
-- Manipulate or make idle threats.
-- Overlook the growth opportunities of a crisis.
-- Underestimate the importance of "release with love".
-- Sit at at home feeling depressed when you could be attending a FA
meeting, helping yourself and others.

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