Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 4 c's

There has been some interesting reading material from other 'recovery' bloggers about addiction. Of course there are lot of emotions and opinions flying about and that is normal since we all have different backgrounds and experiences as well as beliefs or non beliefs.

There were some words that had me itching the wrong way as well and it made me reflect.
Someone....and I don't know who it was and it doesn't really matter....said that it was our responsibility as parents to provide the means to facilities to assist with recovery.

Since I am a parent and always will be....these words when first read make me feel that it's my responsibility but then I sit and contemplate my thoughts. I am sad that my son's addiction did not manifest before he became an adult. I am sad that I cannot afford a long term treatment to him at this point. I am sad that I cannot "fix" him.

Those 4 'c' describe pretty much what I feel....I didn't cause it, I can't cure it and I can't control it.....and now what I do is that I do not contribute to his addiction.

My small consolation is that there are facilities out there for my son if he wants recovery. He has to want it from the bottom of his gut in order to succeed and make it one day at a time. He needs to use the tools and stay away from people, places and things.....but most importantly he needs to become humble and recognize that he can't do it alone and he has to reach out to a power greater than himself and reach out  to others ....the ones who have made it into sobriety. Me...paying for a long term or short term facility would not bring about the 'will' to seek sobriety and to stay sober.

I can't fix or change my son......I can change myself and my reactions and others I can only love and I pray for acceptance of the things that I cannot change.

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