Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gratitude for today

It's a beautiful thing....so many blessings today!

My oldest son has taken his dad to a baseball game.....I know it may sound a bit corny as many dads and sons have had those opportunities while growing up but for my family, this is actually a first. I know that my husband was really excited over this because he's had this date written down on the table for the past month as a reminder. This happens to be a belated birthday/father's day present from our oldest son and I am really happy for the two of them.....being together tonight and sitting in Tampa watching the Yankees play.....I've even been watching the game on and off to see if I catch a glimpse of them.

My other blessing today was to hear that my youngest son has been transferred to another facility....a move that he's been anticipating. After looking at the location through a google search, I am happy to see the opportunities for my son to better his education and even learn a new trade if he so desires. There are also some religious programs and active counseling and studies. Within the facilities are some P.R.I.D.E. assignments as well. All of these programs were not available in the facility that my son had previously been transferred to....and because of the beating that my son was subject to and the investigation that followed....is the reason for his transfer to this new location. All in all....I see HP's will through this all and opened doors for my son even if the trek along the way was a difficult one.

It is my hopes that my son uses his time wisely and that he grabs these opportunities to grow and apply himself for a better tomorrow.

Today I am glad that both of my sons are experiencing 'firsts' and even though there are world of differences between the two....I still enjoy the 'gifts' within.

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  1. France: I am so glad to read your post. I'm happy for all of you! It's the "golden days" we have to be grateful for...