Saturday, October 1, 2011


Ha! I bet you're wondering what the PLOMS mean.....well I saw this this morning in a daily reading that I get through my e-mail and I appropriate and what a great reminder....the PLOMS simply means..."pitty little old me". But I'm jumping ahead here, so let's start at the beginning.

As some of you know my son is incarcerated for the moment and his addiction to drugs and alcohol has been a big contributor to his lifestyle and where he ends up. And even though it is a source of relief in a know where he is and that he gets 3 meals and a roof over his head while he sleeps....the facts remains that he is surrounded by criminals (I know not much different than when he's outside and using) and that some of those have committed crimes that would make my hair go straight (if that was possible). make this story short.....the other day on the local news I heard of a case of TB that was discovered in the local county jail and that they are urging any one who has been in that jail between May & Sept needs to contact the health department and get tested.

And so it goes, my head started to analyze the situation and I started to wonder how he's going to get this taken care of and what if anything that I could do about to jump into action.....old habits are hard to break.

So, what I did do was go online and pull out the article from the internet and printed it out and mailed it to my son with a little note that he gets this checked out. I'm pretty sure that they are vigilant (the staff at the correctional institution) about these things as being in close contact with others....this sort of thing needs to be checked.

 So, the moral of my story is that in the past I would have become totally obsessed over this and this would have been the drama of the week for me with my name becoming Ms.PLOM but thankgoodness for my program and for the time invested, I was able to turn it over and let it go.....knowing very well that HP also has a hand on things and that He's in charge.

Amen to that.

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