Saturday, October 8, 2011

Small wonders

It's been an interesting day today...filled with surprises, delights and senses of being fulfilled. 

On my way back from spinning, as I was driving home, I noticed the cars in front of me were stopping and making an attempt to turn around, then I saw what appeared to be a large black blanket? on the side of the road and I thought to myself that the car in front  must have dropped it and were coming back to retrieve it. I also noticed that the cars on the incoming lanes were pulling over and stopping....I was so busy watching the cars and the commotions that I had not realized that what I had perceived to be a blanket all of a sudden moved and I realized that it was a gator just as it got on its legs and started to move toward my car....ooof, that was a close one. I too pulled over and watched him make his way across the street. (Why did the alligator crossed the street?? To get to the other side) LOL.... Ha....the little wonders of living in proximity to all the wildlife....makes you stop and seize the moment.

My other little wonder for the day was picking some prickly pear fruits. I remembered seeing something the other day in the local paper about these little gems and I decided to give it a I set out with a big bowl and tapped the little fruits in it, brought them to the kitchen sink and proceeded to feel them ever so slightly and it didn't seem to have any of the prickly sticks on them so I washed them all with my hands....silly me....of course i ended up with several translucent little sharp sticks in my fingers that only a magnifying glass could detect and tweezers to pull them out. Anyhoo....those little gems were peeled and seeded and for 3/4 of the fruit I got 1/4 of edible was juicy, tart and bright red.....and so were my fingers LOL. But it was fun, it was tasty and it was a brand new experience and beside I love to eat the fruit from my land.

The other part of my day that was rewarding to me personally was when I exchanged several e-mails with other people within my is always such a great cherished spiritual experience to connect with others that understand. I love every opportunity that is presented to me to work my program which helps me grow in ways that makes me just feels right.

What a great day this was.....physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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  1. I appreciate your comments on my blog.

    Yes, connecting to our fellowship is priceless. I would be lost without my FA friends.