Monday, July 18, 2011


Just finished with one of my meetings, this particular one was about Step Eleven and I found it to be so timely with everything that has transpired lately.

This past Friday I went to my turtle patrol in the early morning hours, searching/looking for the tell tales signs of the turtles having come ashore to lay their eggs. My head had been filled with the recent events revolving around my son's beating that occurred at the prison and at the same time was looking forward to feel my connection with my HP which seems to come easier while on the beach - surrounded by the vastness of the ocean and feeling like a little speck without any power whatsoever.

Either way, I was certainly not disappointed as I was provided with messages that enlightened me to say the least. The first one being the moon on the horizon...full and bright as can be, making me realize that no matter what takes place in our lives that the moon will rise again within a month or so and will continue to provide light on a dark night.
The second message came to me while looking at the lighthouse....a sturdy fixture that has stood the test of time and is still there providing a steady, no matter what happens.....a light is showing the way.
And finally, coming across a fisherman at the pier whose line was tangled with a tern. This tern was flapping his wings trying with all his might to get freed from the bondage. As I stood still on the edge of the beach, I called the marine biologist whom I report to during my turtle patrol and asked her the procedure for taking care of the tern and how to set him free.....and while I was standing there and 'being'....the tern managed to freed himself and flew off. Wow....what a message that was for me! With the doubts in my mind of whether to call someone about my son's events.....and this tern getting freed without anyone's interference.....was the answer that I had been looking for.

And last but not least....I came across a turtle crawl....another surprise miracle as this zone rarely has any.

Okay, so for me.....messages from a power greater than myself.....brings me the answers to my dilemmas and I am grateful that I am able to 'hear' them.

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  1. "All the darkness of the world cannot

    put out the light of one small candle."