Saturday, July 2, 2011

Recovery blogs

Sometimes the answers come in ways that we don't always anticipate and I found too that my teachers come to me when I need them the most.
I have been a member of a fellowship that has been serving most of my needs for several years now but as things usually go....change takes place and I found myself needing more 'recovery' talk....sort of like more 'meat and potatoes' talk as oppose to fluff and puff.
And so, unexpectedly, I was getting information about blogs and wikis and the difference between the two....since I had more time on my hand that I knew what to do with, I decided to learn how to use/make my own blog and I did. Now I'm finding out how to get to other people's blogs and within that frame came across the 'meat and potatoes' that I was searching for.
And so, I am grateful today for my latest 'teacher'  who is showing me the way and bringing me what I needed when i needed it.

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