Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Does the dust ever settle?

Another letter today with more pleas for help and assistance with calling the authorities to report the fact that he's not getting the medical attention that he needs. Can't lay down on one side, hurts to take deep breath, extreme pain when sneezing or coughing and no one is providing any relief or medical attention.
Now he wants us to call a law firm locally to start a lawsuit against DOC and will pay us when the lawsuit is won. If we're not willing to do this then we can call his buddy and he can reap the benefit of that lawsuit.
I'm sitting here and thinking....what will it take for me to stop receiving demands and pleas such as these?? Also, why am I so privy to hear about those painful events?? I love him and want to provide support and do not want to enable in any way, shape or form. Then I wonder, for a split second....is it even within my control??
From my own past experience, I know that sleeping on these issues usually helps me to resolve my being unsure as to what to do. But that 24 hours is no picnic in the park.


  1. I wrote you some stuff on my wiki about his today. You have summed it up so eloquently, much better than I have. Unfortunately, the 24 hour thing is not working for me.

  2. I experienced a similar situation when my son was beaten up by other inmates in plain view of the guards. He was injured and asked the guards for help but they refused. My son asked me to intervene. So I did and what I would learn is that my son blew the whole incident way out of proportion. In fact, my investigation lead me to believe he initiated the attack! In addition, his injuries were minor.

    The brain of an addict is still at work even if they are not high! They are still very sick people.

  3. Also, from reliable sources, I found that life can get quite chaotic and even more dangerous if people inquire about the situation.
    Yet another instance where it becomes clear that...."My role as a helper is not to DO things for the person I am trying to help, but to BE things."
    So, I am....being.